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3D Celestial Phenomena Software-Solar System Traveler-Japanese version-

Crossing time and space through real simulation.
Do you dream of traveling the solar system freely on a planet explorer?
Solar System Traveler realizes such journeys crossing time and space.

Ecstasy of Traveling Freely

While conventional planetariums reproduce skies as seen from the ground, the Solar System Traveler shows celestial phenomena in the solar system of the past, at present, and in the future from various angles.

Solar System


Complete Simulation of Motion in Solar System Using 3D Images

Motion in the solar system (movements of sun, planets, satellites, comets, asteroids) is completely simulated using accurate astronomical data. All images reproduced on the monitor such as lunar orbit, period of rotation, positional relation of celestial bodies are scientifically precise. The Solar System Traveler installs a living solar system in your PC.



You Can Even Ride on a Comet!

For instance, you can compare a total solar eclipse from space and on earth, reproduce the seasons or the approach of other planets, travel around the solar system along the orbit of Haley's Comet, study the movements of planets from Mars, etcA┴c Visual points can be set from anywhere. With every new idea, you can see new faces of the solar system one after another before your eyes.



Easy to operate "Time" and "Space" Can Also be Set Freely

Direct interface.
Just by dragging your mouse, you can move instantaneously to a planet or circle around that planet, just as if you were steering a planet explorer.
You can also control time by setting the time of observation, adjusting the traveling speed, going back in time to the past, etc.




Celestial phenomena are three-dimensionally introduced using four modes.
When the Solar System Traveler is started, this Main Menu first appears. Select the mode here.
You can also set the software displays and adjust volume according to the power of your PC.



Manual Mode

The Solar System Simulator mode is the manual mode operated by the user for traveling in the solar system in any way the user wants crossing time and space.

Space at Any Time and Place

You can set the visual point in any way you want to see the solar system from any angle or land on a planet, satellite or comet. You can also reproduce past and future celestial phenomena and adjust the passage of time to study their movements. The "How-to-List" for reproducing major celestial phenomena on the simulator with one-touch of a button consists of 228 items.



Navigation Mode

In the Solar System Travel mode, you can develop a travel story from 14 themes such as the sun, earth, Mars, Saturn, etc.

If You Want to be a Solar System Mania!

Tales composed of simulator visuals, commentaries, extensive images and animations present numerous topics about the mechanisms of eclipses, birth of the solar system and planets, future of planet exploration, etc., to be enjoyed broadly from beginners to astronomy fans.



Planetarium Mode

The 88 Constellation Mode is a planetarium mode introducing stories of the 88 constellations decorating the skies at night as well as the names of fixed stars.
This can be used as a quick guide to constellations as well as a PC planetarium.
This also comes with "Basic Knowledge on Constellations" which explains the constellations clearly using simulator visuals.



Auto-play Mode

Auto-play mode which automatically plays simulator images against a background of imaginative music.
You can enjoy 3D images of the solar system in motion for a full seven minutes on a full screen. You can also use this as a desktop accessory of your PC.



Recommended Operating Environment

Applicable OS: Windows95/Windows98/Windows2000/WindowsMe
Applicable Models: Any model with Japanese version Windows 98/95.
CPU: Pentium II 233 MHz and above (Pentium II 333 MHz and above is recommended)
Hard disk: Space of more than 100 MB
Memory: Above 64 MB
Open GL compatible graphic card is recommended
Surround board is recommended
#CD-ROM drive (Required for installing)
#Video card: Above 800 x 600 pixels/1670 0000 colors (TrueColor: 24 bits) and above required.
The software may not operate normally in some environments (model, settings, hardware environment, etc.) even if the above specifications are satisfied.
Windows is the registered trademark of U.S. Microsoft.
Pentium is the registered trademark of U.S. Intel.
Other company names and product names are the trademarks or registered trademarks of the respective companies.
The contents of this product may be changed without prior notice.


SST CD-ROM for Windows How to Purchase

Date of release
October 18, 2000
Components of this Product (Packaged in a box)
Program CD-ROM x 1
Guide book x 1
Price Indication
Price: 12, 500 yen (exclusive of tax)
ISBN: 4-06-210165-3
Purchasing over the Web
The product is available from Kodansha Book Club (Japanese only).

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