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Download Sssim Studio

You can download Sssim Studio from this page. Please read Notes and System Requirements before download.

Please enjoy a pleasant space trip!

Solar System Simulator Studio ver.1.1.6
[Download] (exe, 9.5MB)
[Download] (zip, 11.2MB)


*The copyrights for the Solar System Simulator Studio belong to the Solar System Simulator Project.
*You can use this software for commercial and non-commercial usage without a fee. But when you use it in commercial use, please make it known to us.
*The Solar System Simulator Project assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any damages resulting from the use of the Solar System Simulator Studio.
*This software may not be re-distributed, reproduced, nor copied.

System Requirements

To run Sssim Studio, you need the following.

Software Get Windows Media PlayerInternet Explorer 5 or above
Windows Media Player 9 or above
Display Resolution 1024x768 or larger screen resolution

OS Windows 2000 / XP
CPU Pentium III 1GHz or above
Memory 256MB or above

Dual display environment
Internet connection environment

Copyright 2001 Solar System Simulator Project