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Using the Graphics Board

Use of the OpenGL graphic board is recommended for high resolution display of the solar system simulator, because the solar system simulator performs real-time 3D rendering.
Versions for which use of the OpenGL compatible graphic board is especially recommended:
When set to high resolution display for Solar System Traveler-Japanese Version /Exhibition Version/Planetarium Professional Version

Graphics Driver

Should you experience problems with Solar System Simulator images, install an official graphics driver (latest version), optimize settings, and try again.
1. For some PCs (such as models mounting the Trident graphics chip CyberBlade i1AGO), the R and G colors may reverse for the Solar System Traveler-Japanese Version images.Please e-mail us if you experience this problem on the above computer. We will provide details of how to resolve the problem.

Mail Support

Should you have any problems using the software, please send your enquiries by e-mail to the following address.
Support mail address:

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